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Verfasser: Gerlinde24
Datum: Freitag, den 6. Oktober 2017, um 11:47 Uhr
Betrifft: Arizona und Missbrauch bei den Mormonen

Ich kenne Idaho ganz gut, ebenso Maryland und Washington State. Arizona liegt außerhalb meines Erfahrungsgebietes. Trotzdem kann ich das Folgende sagen:

Matt Long, der in Arizona viele Fälle von Kindesmissbrauch (viele der Opfer und Täter waren Mormonen) behandelt hat (als Verteidiger und Ankläger), sagt in einem drei Stunden Gespräch das Folgende:

Over three hours Matt discusses:

    The methods of child abusers (including within the LDS context),    Matt’s experience prosecuting (and defending) child/sex abusers in Arizona (many of whom are/were LDS),
    His interactions with LDS law firm Kirton | McConkie, and
    His reactions to the LDS Church’s recent media release wherein it claims that “no religious organization has done more” to prevent child abuse, and touts its child abuse approach as “the gold standard” amongst all churches.

Quelle: http://www.mormonstories.org/matt-long-sex-crimes-prosecutor-discusses-lds-church-child-abuse-policies/

Hier einige Fälle aus Arizona (Quelle: http://www.childpro.org/ldscases.html)

Robert Gene Metcalf Prescott, Arizona 1979
This case arose in Prescott, Arizona and was filed in Maricopa County Superior Court in May 1993. In 1979, Gail Metcalf walked in on her husband, Gene Metcalf, and witnessed him having anal sex with a 13 year old boy who had been residing with them. He was sentenced to prison for six years for his misconduct with the boy as well as with Gail’s children. She divorced him and the Church excommunicated him. His parental rights were not terminated, but a six-month no contact order was entered following his release from prison. In 1987, Gail Metcalf developed a brain tumor and needed extensive medical treatment. She contacted her local Bishop to discuss what will happen to her chldren while she is hospitalized. Her civil lawsuit alleges that she was ordered by her Bishop and the Stake President to send her children to live with Gene Metcalf and they would monitor the situation for her making certain the children were safe. She sent them to live with him for eight months when they were molested again. At his sentencing, there was heavy lobbying by politicians connected to the Church in defense of Gene Metcalf. Local Bishops involved and who may be named defendants are Grant Shumway and Don Excell. The case was resolved with an undisclosed settlement on behalf of the Metcalf children.

Richard Kenneth Ray Maricopa County, Arizona 1987
The case was filed in Maricopa County, Arizona about 1987. This case involved molestations of a two year-old girl whom Ray and his wife babysat for a year and a half. The suit alleged negligence for the Church’s failure to report Ray to authorities and in counseling offered to Ray. This case was the subject of an Arizona Court of Appeals ruling that the priest penitent privilege waiver did not apply because the perpetrator later confessed to police. The court ordered Mormon Bishops to reveal what Ray had told them about prior molestations. The Church settled the case on January 9, 1990, the day of trial, for an undisclosed amount.

Und heute?


Die LDS Kirche hat nicht dazugelernt.

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