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Verfasser: JesseX
Datum: Freitag, den 12. Februar 2010, um 13:05 Uhr
Betrifft: A small introduction into German laughing

As a German you should laugh like this:

Aaaah, ha, ha, haaa. Aah, ha, ha (looser, loooser!). While you are in the beginning (Aaaah-) phase, point with you finger directly to the person you are laughing about. Sometimes (it depends on the situation) you may call that person a "looser" at the same time. Then stop it and continue with normal laughter, and repeat the same procedure, but use a bit less power on  the "Aaaah", more like "Aah". It is important, because people should not guess you have become insane or so.

The "A" in "Aaaah" should not sound like the English "a", but more like the German, for instance in "Alaaarm!" or s.th. like that. Prefer in English the "A" like in the word "Alabama". Never forget having one of your hands inconspicuously  next to your Colt Automatic, in case of  the person you have been laughing about should not be characterized by  any sense of humour. :-);-):-)

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