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Datum: Sonntag, den 1. März 2009, um 5:45 Uhr
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In den US wird gerade ein Fall verhandelt, bei dem eine aktive (jeden Sonntag 3 Std. anwesend, ältester Sohn auf Mission) Mormonenfamilie ein Kind 17 Stunden im Auto ließ, das dann an Überhitzung starb.

Las Vegas Mormons Kill Child (News/link)
Date:       Feb 25 18:13
Author:      Leaving in Las Vegas
Mail Address:     
So this happened a while back, A couple left their 4 year old in their SUV after church. He was alone in the car for SEVENTEEN F’N HOURS!! and died a horrible, hot death. They are due in court this week on abuse, neglect and murder charges. All the other children have been taken away.
What I find sad, is how they made sure to MAKE IT TO CHURCH every sunday fro 3 hours, but never, EVER cleaned up or took care of their own family. It is sad!
Here is a link to the story, and SLIDE SHOW of the house.
The "mormon jesus" photo is clear in a few photos, as well as a CTR on the wall.

Why are mormons SO FILTHY!!!

Link to Story:

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